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This website has been a great experience for me.  We started this company with one boat, one website and the thought that we could offer our guests something they could not get anywhere else.  It has apparently worked!!  We are running 8 boats now and it is just too much for this homemade web site. 

We have consolidated everything into one site

I invite you to stop by the new site and check out all the boats.  I also invite you to check out all the facebook pages as well.  What I really need is for everyone to come see us again.  I will keep the drinks cold and the turtles entertained until you get back!!


Big Dog







Ok, my web designer chick says that I need to put some text on this page so all the search engines like Google and Yahoo recognize our little spot on the web.  I guess I need to talk about our great sailboats, our kickin' crew or maybe about the killer snorkeling tours we take.  Maybe I should also mention the non stop party that we throw from the minute you get on the boats until the second you get off of the boats.  I could talk a little about the hour and a half that you get to swim with wild green sea turtles.  Should I mention the free temporary tattoos or the free rum drinks out on the boat?  What about the fact that you get all this just for going out on our snorkel trip, and if you decide to go on someone else's excursion while you are in St Thomas, then you need to have a frontal lobotomy. We have been getting it done in the Virgin Islands for over 25 years.  Trust me...   We know what we are doing.